Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Who gave Babu the right to mortgage the state’s benefits?

  • We fought for special status on behalf of people
  • That is a democratic right
  • TDP has the culture of attacking the speaker and the Governor too
  • He earned political recognition through NTR but suffered him
  • It is better if Yanamala behaves according to his age
  • TDP will have to face consequences if it does not stop false rumours: Chevireddy
Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy commented that the ruling TDP was defaming their party by using the speaker’s name. He made it clear that their culture was not attacking speakers or secretaries and that they were only trying to express the voice of the people in the matter of special category status. He slammed minister Yanamala for making false statements of things that had not happened. Stating by Kanipakam Lord Ganesh’s name and Tirupati Lord Venkateswara’s name that they had not attacked anybody, he challenged CM Chandrababu and minister Yanamala to promise by God’s name and tell that the claimed attack had happened. He spoke to the media at the party’s central office.
Chevireddy commented that the ruling party tried to flee as they were insisting on discussion over a matter of public welfare and the future of the youth of the state. He mentioned they only wanted the discussion in order to protect the state and fight united. He blamed the speaker and the secretary for creating chaos with the employment of marshals in the house in spite of their protesting peacefully.
Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, who boasted about his 37-year long political career, should behave as per his age and experience, he Chevireddy suggested. He reminded how Chandrababu and his coterie had insulted NTR in the assembly by using fire crackers and cutting access to his mic and how speaker Kutuhalamma had been insulted and hurt when she had been the speaker. He also recollected how Nagam Janardan Reddy had broken the speaker’s mic and Revanth Reddy removed the speaker’s seat. He questioned how they could blame YSRCP leaders while they themselves had such a history.
Reiterating that expression of thoughts and opinions was a right given to everyone in the democracy, he warned TDP to stop spreading false news. He suggested Yanamala and Kodela to solve their personal rivalries among themselves and keep YSRCP leaders out of them. He mentioned how parents in AP were afraid about their children’s future if special category status was not sanctioned. He stated that they had come forward to speak as a responsible opposition.
Chevireddy commented that the things mentioned in the special package had already been mentioned in the 13th schedule of AP reorganization act and nothing new. He mentioned that certain things had been cut down from that too, like railway zone, coastal corridor and steel plant. He remembered how BJP and TDP had promised to sanction special category status to the status. He slammed the hasty announcement of package in the midnight and the CM’s welcoming it. He condemned the TDP’s double entendre and mockery in the matter. He questioned the Government why AP should not be sanctioned the status, while 11 states in the country were already enjoying it. He commented that the denial by the 14th finance commission was only a lame excuse, stating that the commission had no objection to the sanction.

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