Thursday, 29 September 2016

Corruption rampant in State

Hyderabad, Sept 28: Reiterating that corruption has grown manifold in the state, YSR Congress has said that TDP has institutionalized corruption and has been brazenly patronizing it and even a national survey has pointed out that Andhra Pradesh tops the list of corrupt states in the country.
 Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, party MLA G Srikanth Reddy said: ‘corruption levels have gone up very high and with Chandrababu Naidu himself being named in the cash for vote case and the trend has percolated down the line.
 MLAs have been openly speaking in relative terms on the issue of corruption as the National Council for Applied Economic Resources has placed Andhra Pradesh on top of the table of corrupt states. From the top leadership down the line corruption has become rampant and it has been like never before, he said.
 ‘Leaders from the ruling party have turned into extortionists and it has come in the open. Contractors and even MLAs have been openly spilling the beans which shows the general acceptance within the party circles,’ he said.
 Polavaram project has been only to benefit the contractors preferred by the ruling party and the irrigation deals are in the open with the small balance of works of YSR’s Jalayagnam being given on single tender to preferred contractors at highly inflated rates, he said.
 Even the Godavari and Krishna pushkarams were seen as an opportunity to mint money and was blatantly done while core issues like drought were neglected, he said.

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